Meaning of electric guitar in English:

electric guitar


  • A guitar with a built-in pickup or pickups which convert string vibrations into electrical signals for amplification.

    ‘Twelve women played electric guitars and five sampled the sound of the guitars and transformed it on laptops.’
    • ‘‘He's Mine’ is a model country-rock number with electric guitars and steady percussion offset by country harmonies and pedal steel.’
    • ‘The verse trips you up with the syncopated rhythm played to dark electric guitars, contrasting completely with the melody happily sailing away on flurrying strings for the chorus.’
    • ‘Two men had been employed to play musical standards on an electric guitar and saxophone respectively.’
    • ‘Vibes, synths and heavily reverbed flutes slide through the mix, anchored by Lee's guitar and voice, and electric guitars twang along on the margins.’
    • ‘Acoustic and electric guitars abound, nicely augmented by some pleasantly retro-sounding organ riffing and rock-solid drumming.’
    • ‘I tried all of the reverb patches on drums, vocals, electric guitars and keyboards and found them to have good dynamic responses.’
    • ‘What Les Paul was to the electric guitar, Bill Putnam was to the recording studio.’
    • ‘The company has also redesigned the internal wiring of its electric guitars to allow players to adjust the sound of the guitar string by string, creating a number of new sonic possibilities.’
    • ‘It is rare these days to find African musicians who insist on using almost exclusively traditional instruments, preferring instead to include electric guitars, bass and even electronics.’
    • ‘Combining elements of electric guitars and human voices with amplified non-musical noises into densely cut up sound organisations, this album presented a perverse take on musical forms.’
    • ‘In that one room there were two pianos, 3 drum kits, 20 acoustic guitars, 10 electric guitars and one double bass.’
    • ‘Many young Nepalis began to make music with electric guitars, synthesizers, and amplifiers.’
    • ‘The experimental sounds of keyboards and electric guitars add a contemporary influence.’
    • ‘I sighed and started to write again, humming to the sound of electric guitars and his voice.’
    • ‘As people made their way down the elevators towards the various lines, they were met by the sounds of his electric guitar.’
    • ‘I started with the flute and then learned the guitar and then the electric guitar.’