Meaning of electrification in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˌlɛktrɪfɪˈkeɪʃn/

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mass noun
  • 1The action or process of charging something with electricity.

    ‘I saw no evidence of electrification of the fence’
    • ‘The Naval Research Laboratory used radio signals from the flying rocket to measure the electrification of the ionosphere.’
    • ‘Anomalous potentials were observed that could not be attributed to contact electrification.’
    • ‘Edison still ate breakfast the day he mastered electrification.’
    • ‘Calculations have shown that this process is able to produce electrification at rates comparable with those observed.’
    • ‘Special radio transmitters were measuring the electrification of the ionosphere, and cosmic-ray-counter telescopes were analyzing radiation at the edge of space.’
    • ‘Because the temperature variations within a thundercloud include the range of laboratory reversal temperatures, this phenomenon does offer an explanation of cloud electrification.’
    • ‘The troops also found a well furnished underground hideout with beds and electrification in the house.’
    • ‘Medieval practices of guillotining, lynching, and public hanging belong to the same category as the death penalty by lethal injection or electrification.’
    • ‘The Cape Griffon vulture has experienced continuous problems with poisoning, electrification, habitat destruction and diet deficiencies.’
    • ‘Simpson took charge of Kew observatory where he continued his research on the electrical structure of thunderstorms and electrification of precipitation.’
    1. 1.1The conversion of a machine or system to the use of electrical power.
      ‘the electrification of the railways’
      • ‘the Government's rural electrification programme’
      • ‘Electrification of the countryside developed spectacularly: over 80 per cent of all communes were connected by 1930.’
      • ‘Electrification will still not go west beyond a couple of miles west of St. Louis.’
      • ‘The electrification programme accounts for a small percentage of the increase in the demand for electricity.’
      • ‘Huge suburban tracts were brought into being by railway companies, generally as a consequence of electrification.’
      • ‘These settlements are widely dispersed and too small to be considered for grid electrification.’
      • ‘Reina was struck by lightning while working on an electrification project.’
      • ‘As incomes increase in developing countries, electrification, appliance ownership, and the demand for electricity would increase at a relatively rapid rate.’
      • ‘The electrification of suburban railways during the interwar period greatly increased their speed, comfort, and flexibility.’
      • ‘He indicated that off-grid electrification might be the only solution to many of the over 2000 un-electrified settlements in Namibia.’
      • ‘Electrification of factories and houses was an exploding new technology that increased output and brought with it appliances and radio.’