Meaning of electronic cigarette in English:

electronic cigarette

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  • A cigarette-shaped device containing a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled, used to simulate the experience of smoking tobacco.

    ‘more smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking’
    • ‘He then slyly slithered an electronic cigarette out from his pocket in an attempt to skirt Ontario's anti-smoking laws, which health officials warned the chain-smoker about earlier.’
    • ‘Activated when the smoker sucks on the end, the electronic cigarette glows at the tip, produces harmless theatrical smoke and conveys nicotine from a reloadable cartridge to the smoker's lungs.’
    • ‘The USB version of the electronic cigarette provides inhaled doses of vaporized nicotine, so smokers can puff away without all the harmful effects to secondhand smokers.’
    • ‘"I'm not stupid," she said, drawing on her electronic cigarette.’
    • ‘As usual, she had her fuel: an extra large coffee, mugs of fudge-flavor diet soda, and her electronic cigarette.’
    • ‘Federal health officials say electronic cigarettes contain cancer-causing chemicals despite the manufacturer's claims that they are safer than tobacco cigarettes.’
    • ‘Electronic cigarettes produce a nicotine mist that is absorbed directly into the lungs.’
    • ‘But he ended up buying a strange new gizmo for himself - menthol-flavoured electronic cigarettes.’
    • ‘The FDA has ruled that electronic cigarettes, cigars, and similar devices contain known carcinogens and slammed them for being marketed to younger age groups.’
    • ‘Now they are going after electronic cigarettes, devices that smokers have so far been able to use in places where real cigarettes are prohibited, or even as an aide to quitting tobacco.’
    • ‘Whether it's ready-made cigarettes, roll your owns, cigars, pipes, snuff (powdered tobacco), or electronic cigarettes, most smokers know the health dangers but continue anyway.’
    • ‘As for electronic cigarettes, their availability for sale is merely a financial issue to the company, not a moral one.’
    • ‘The FDA has done everything in their power to stop shipments of electronic cigarettes from coming into the U.S., but this has not stopped retailers from selling these products.’