Meaning of electrotype in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈlɛktrə(ʊ)tʌɪp/


  • A copy of something made by the electrolytic deposition of copper on a mould.

    ‘The 19th century was remarkable for its technological advances in the printing process, with the introduction of linotype, electrotype, stereotype and - in the 20th century - monotype, along with the mechanical manufacture of paper.’
    • ‘The innovation of electrotypes in the mid-19th century added yet another dimension to the art of copying.’
    • ‘Ring manufacturers participated in the campaign through radio advertising and by sending out newspaper electrotypes to be used by jewelers across the country.’


[with object]
  • Make a copy of (something) by the electrolytic deposition of copper on a mould.

    ‘Electrotyping is an application of the art of electroplating to typography, used for making duplicate plates for relief printing.’
    • ‘Standing newspaper matter may be stereotyped -- unless it contains cuts, when it should be electrotyped -- but should be cast on metal base to avoid shrinking and swelling.’