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elementary school


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  • 1North American A primary school for the first six or eight grades.

    ‘Eight elementary schools, two high schools, and one middle school participated in this research study.’
    • ‘In 6th grade the elementary schools merged into middle schools.’
    • ‘Participants were children in seven elementary schools (grades primary through six) in Eastern Canada.’
    • ‘I remember that at orientation every parent I talked to said how lucky I was to be moving in at 6th grade when all the elementary schools came together for middle school.’
    • ‘Every year, the students in all grades of my elementary school do a papier-mache project.’
    • ‘The children were selected from a larger group of 69 first grade children from three elementary schools in the Netherlands.’
    • ‘Houston is the 7th-largest school district in the United States, encompassing 186 elementary schools and 34 middle schools.’
    • ‘On the ninth of February, I will travel to Toronto and a few other surrounding cities on a massive awareness campaign, going to high schools and elementary schools primarily.’
    • ‘Even the fact that most charter schools are elementary schools, not high schools, represents a way of focusing on less expensive students.’
    • ‘In the most computer-creative primary and early elementary schools, a computer or two comprise one learning location among five or six in the room.’
    • ‘‘Peaceful Playground’ will be adopted by the district's eight elementary schools in September.’
    • ‘To facilitate a better connection between elementary schools and the high schools they feed into, the Vallas administration started to focus on literacy skills at the early grades.’
    • ‘The Center sponsors an educational outreach program in neighboring high schools and elementary schools and 32 national sites.’
    • ‘The educational system in the city was comprised of fifteen elementary schools, four middle schools, and one high school.’
    • ‘Students from 10 elementary schools in three school districts were screened using the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills.’
    • ‘Smith allowed the 53 students who have moved from public elementary schools to private schools to remain where they are for the rest of the school year.’
    • ‘None of this is to say that we shouldn't improve science and technology education, particularly in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.’
    • ‘Catholic elementary schools, high schools, and colleges have produced generation after generation of committed Catholic leaders.’
    • ‘Teams of teachers worked with multi-age groups of students and created elementary schools where children were no longer assigned to grade levels.’
    • ‘The fourth phase of the revolution, having the gains of the first three phases affect the curriculum of high schools and elementary schools, still has a long way to go.’
    1. 1.1British historical A school where children were taught between the ages of five and thirteen.
      ‘From public schools to elementary schools, the history of the empire was still little taught, while for most young people Empire Day meant an extra holiday rather than a commitment to dominion over palm and pine.’
      • ‘Two years earlier, grants for teaching music in elementary schools were introduced for the first time.’
      • ‘When my kids were in elementary school 40 years ago they were taught to hide under desks in case of an atom bomb attack.’