Meaning of elephant shrew in English:

elephant shrew


  • A small insectivorous African mammal with a long mobile snout, long hindlimbs, and a ratlike tail.

    Family Macroscelididae and order Macroscelidea: four genera and many species; historically sometimes placed in the obsolete order Insectivora

    ‘The horseshoe bat, the three-horned chameleon, the rare zanj elephant shrew is also found here - as can many small rare reptiles and many colorful insects.’
    • ‘This behavior is seen in different lineages of both solitary and social species and has been documented in three species of kangaroo rat, two species of social gerbil, elephant shrews; and prairie dogs.’
    • ‘Species specific footdrumming patterns are documented in gerbils, elephant shrews and kangaroo rats.’
    • ‘Afrotheria are conceived as a long-distinct clade endemic to Africa, and including elephant shrews, golden moles, aardvarks, elephants, sirenians, and hyraxes.’
    • ‘Tree shrews and elephant shrews have also sometimes been placed in this order; now, however, they are now classified separately (orders Scandentia and Macroscelidea, respectively).’