Meaning of Eleusinian mysteries in English:

Eleusinian mysteries

Pronunciation /ˌɛljuːˈsɪnɪən/

plural noun

  • The annual rites performed by the ancient Greeks at the village of Eleusis near Athens in honour of Demeter and Persephone.

    ‘Hadrian himself had worshipped at the ancient shrine of the Eleusinian mysteries in Greece and a variety of mystery religions became respectable and accepted.’
    • ‘There he was initiated in the Eleusinian mysteries, visiting many other cities before his return to Rome, via Sicily, in summer 125.’
    • ‘Demeter, goddess of the Eleusinian mysteries, progenerated wheat from her womb and delegated it to her son, Triptolemus, to distribute around the world's cultures.’
    • ‘Here, a script of the Eleusinian mysteries is alluded to, as people re-enacted Demeter's actions after her daughter was stolen from her.’
    • ‘In addition to that, I also discovered that the person who first put forward the theory that psychotropic substances were involved in the Eleusinian mysteries was Robert Graves.’