Meaning of elevator music in English:

elevator music


mass nounmainly North American
  • Bland recorded background music played in public places.

    ‘She walked inside the small area, humming to herself to the elevator music.’
    • ‘The best thing about Mall Tycoon is undoubtedly the elevator music.’
    • ‘Organ music at a hockey game is even worse than elevator music.’
    • ‘Suggestions include a video tape of corn growing, a CD of elevator music, or a simple can of spam.’
    • ‘There was piped elevator music somewhere under the drone of the engines.’
    • ‘Somewhere overhead, light elevator music dulled the mood with the weak lighting fixtures.’
    • ‘Even the elevator music, which included a Muzak Elvis soundtrack couldn't ruin the two hours of yoga for lazy people.’
    • ‘The Walkman was no doubt aided in this transformation by the rise of "elevator music."’
    • ‘That type of thinking is caused by elevator music.’
    • ‘The rest of it seems to me elevator music for the church.’
    • ‘Music, be it jazz or elevator music, is strictly no-no.’
    • ‘Natalie scowled in disgust at the elevator music that was drumming into her skull.’
    • ‘There already is a toll levied for elevator music - the owner of the elevator pays for it.’
    • ‘Norah Jones and Diana Krall are going to sound like elevator music.’
    • ‘But the Walkman seemed to make everywhere we go an elevator and all music into elevator music.’
    • ‘I start eating my deep fried strips of beef in honey and chilly sauce in tune to elevator music.’
    • ‘And the sound is great, from the scary dinosaur roars to the annoying elevator music.’
    • ‘The film quality is atrocious and the "score" is relentless elevator music.’
    • ‘The endearing melody became instrumental elevator music.’
    • ‘Feel the elevator music wash over you.’