Meaning of elevator pitch in English:

elevator pitch


informal mainly US
  • A succinct and persuasive sales pitch.

    • ‘Aside from the organisers, some young tech hopefuls were given 60 seconds to perform an ' elevator pitch ' for funding.’
    • ‘Give me your 30 second elevator pitch to potential backers.’
    • ‘Storan also presented a three-minute ' elevator pitch ' to potential funders at last week's First Tuesday networking event.’
    • ‘It's also called the " elevator pitch ".’
    • ‘You have to get that elevator pitch down to a science.’
    • ‘His original elevator pitch was something like, "We utilize the latest 20-50 key exchange using Duffle transponders… blah blah blah."’
    • ‘Elevator pitches are important, no matter what your business.’
    • ‘So he went over the rules he devised for an elevator pitch.’
    • ‘Goodbody Stockbrokers has invited 13 firms to present at the forum, while four "promising new companies" will make ten-minute elevator pitches.’
    • ‘I've arrived at my floor and missed my opportunity for an elevator pitch of some description.’
    • ‘I think one real key to success in this type of venture is having a good "elevator pitch."’
    • ‘But Wyatt has only got the equivalent of an "elevator pitch" to convince Parliament.’
    • ‘This is NOT an elevator pitch or infomercial.’
    • ‘Think of it as your own personal elevator pitch.’
    • ‘"An elevator pitch takes no longer than 10 seconds" he wrote.’
    • ‘So your elevator pitch must be intriguing, make sense, be short and powerful, and should motivate someone into wanting to learn more.’
    • ‘You should have an "elevator pitch," which is a proposal that can be explained in a short length of time, say 30 seconds.’
    • ‘An "elevator pitch" is business lingo for a proposal that can be explained in the length of time you might be in an elevator with an investor.’
    • ‘Are you too busy polishing your "elevator pitch" to wade through these books?’
    • ‘Here then are a few questions you must answer if you are to create a great elevator pitch.’


From the idea of having to impress a senior executive during a brief ride in a lift (elevator).