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elimination diet

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  • A procedure used to identify foods which a person is intolerant of, in which all suspected foods are excluded from the diet and then reintroduced one at a time.

    ‘Other testing includes skin injections, patch tests, and an oral provocation test, which is basically a controlled elimination diet with food reintroduced during observation.’
    • ‘During an elimination diet, a child avoids eating any food that is suspected of causing an allergy and the doctor follows the results to see if allergy symptoms disappear.’
    • ‘So is there any alternative to the elimination diet, and then adding the foods in a double-blind way?’
    • ‘Assessment for food allergies should be done using an elimination diet or blood tests.’
    • ‘These approaches include an elimination diet, hypnosis, retention control, 14 biofeedback, acupuncture, scheduled awakenings, and caffeine restriction.’
    • ‘Doctors may also use an elimination diet, during which the eggs and egg products are completely removed from the child's diet for 1 to 2 weeks.’
    • ‘In fact, the elimination diet can call for eliminating specific food for up to 12 weeks before you'll notice the effects.’
    • ‘To prevent the attacks in the first place sufferers have to persevere in identifying which factors trigger their attacks - usually by following an elimination diet or being tested for food intolerances and allergies.’
    • ‘Learning to avoid trigger foods often leads to weight loss, so Dr. Jo put Zach on an elimination diet for two six-week intervals to confirm which foods were problems for him.’
    • ‘Hence, after their initial elimination diet and main food challenges, I found that marginal foods that were fresh, high quality, and with only a mild bouquet would be tolerated.’
    • ‘A year and a half ago, I managed to clear the condition using a combination of an anti-candida elimination diet (no sugar, fruit or alcohol) and oregano oil, but this took three months to take effect.’
    • ‘As early as 1922, Shannon had published on the successful treatment of children with hyperactivity and learning disorders using an elimination diet.’
    • ‘Work with an allergist if you undertake an elimination diet, especially if your child has eczema or other allergies.’
    • ‘The best way for them to find out if they have intolerances is to attempt an elimination diet but I would not advise this without the guidance of a dietician.’
    • ‘In addition to the decrease in symptoms, four patients in this study attained remission on the elimination diet and eight months later three were still symptom free, despite reverting to a normal diet.’
    • ‘There are various means to test for food sensitivities, with the most straightforward and least expensive being an elimination diet.’
    • ‘If you think you have a problem you could try a trial elimination diet.’
    • ‘You can make a guess or try an elimination diet which again is less than perfect.’
    • ‘Through a simple elimination diet symptoms can be controlled.’
    • ‘These can usually be detected and the symptoms cleared using a simple one-week elimination diet.’