Meaning of elk in English:


Pronunciation /ɛlk/

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nounplural noun elk, plural noun elks

  • 1British

    another term for moose

    ‘It had yielded both mule deer and elk for us in the past.’
    • ‘After I swapped for it, I took six mule deer and an elk before moving up to more ‘modern’ guns.’
    • ‘Prion diseases occur in sheep, goats, mink, mule deer, elk, cats and cows.’
    • ‘The wildflowers will be out and so will the elk, deer, sea lions, seals, and sea birds.’
    • ‘Coyotes, white-tailed deer, elk, and even alligators can cause problems on the ground.’
    • ‘In some parts of America, people like to hunt deer, elk and bears, while in other areas they hunt wild boars.’
    • ‘Not long ago my friend Steve Johns was talking with a Colorado hunting guide who had led Koenig on elk and mule deer hunts.’
    • ‘Researchers are not even sure yet how the disease spreads from deer to deer or elk to elk.’
    • ‘All of the evidence suggests, therefore, that the drawing was probably intended to represent a deer or perhaps an elk.’
    • ‘Soon after the studies began, however, Foothills deer and elk began dying from a mysterious disease.’
    • ‘Bears in Glacier National Park follow wolf packs and mountain lions to remote regions using them as providers of meals of deer and elk.’
    • ‘Although they scavenge less often than Bald Eagles, they will eat carrion of deer and elk, especially in winter.’
    • ‘Deer, elk, and sometimes bobcat and coyote may be seen or heard from the cabin boundary.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the Blackfoot made their clothing from the hides of buffalo, deer, elk, and antelope.’
    • ‘Deer, elk, bear and mountain lions can all be found at this attitude.’
    • ‘They resemble in these respects similar grooves on the antlers of moose and elk and the frill and horns of Triceratops.’
    • ‘As these species became extinct, the giant birds switched to bison, elk, and deer.’
    • ‘The land around the ranch is a protected wintering area for elk, deer and bighorn sheep.’
    • ‘Much more demanding is big game hunting for brown bear, elk and deer.’
    • ‘Since the area was once home to buffalo, elk, deer, and antelope herds, grazing is another management tool.’
  • 2North American

    another term for wapiti


Late 15th century probably from Old English elh, eolh, with substitution of k for h.