Meaning of ellipsoidal in English:


Pronunciation /ɛlɪpˈsɔɪd(ə)l/

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‘The particles may have any shape or size, but they are generally spherical, ellipsoidal, polyhedral, or irregular in shape.’
  • ‘The oil-bearing fluid inclusion morphologies include spherical, oval, ellipsoidal, lath-like and irregular shapes, although there is no obvious relationship between inclusion morphology and quartz cement history.’
  • ‘A primary concave parabolic mirror converges the light to one focus of a concave ellipsoidal mirror.’
  • ‘It forms a ‘ball or shell’, as you say, of ejected material but the shape is ellipsoidal, not spherical as you might expect.’
  • ‘Inspired by Maxwell and his mathematics, Niven turned increasingly towards the study of spherical and ellipsoidal harmonics.’