Meaning of elliptic in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈlɪptɪk/

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  • Relating to or having the form of an ellipse.

    ‘Lechea minor can be easily distinguished from that species by its stems more than 5 cm tall, ovate to elliptic leaves and ovoid capsules.’
    • ‘Curves (such as the trigonometric polynomials of elliptic Fourier analysis) may be fit to such an outline, and then compared through statistical analysis of their parameters.’
    • ‘The theorem holds in spherical and elliptic geometry.’
    • ‘Schauder's fixed point theorem and his skillful use of function space techniques to analyse elliptic and hyperbolic partial differential equations are contributions of lasting quality.’
    • ‘His papers include work on the stability of a parachute and fluid flow past circular and elliptic cylinders.’
    • ‘Whereas hyperbolic activity and elliptic motion characterizes the cab, a big rig manifests an elliptic activity and hyperbolic motion.’
    • ‘This last result, known by his name, expressed a hyperbolic arc in terms of two elliptic ones.’
    • ‘Fuchs' spot describes a round or elliptic elevated dark brown lesion located in the macula that arises because of choroidal neovascularization.’
    • ‘Assuming the conduits as elliptic pipes arranged in parallel, it is possible to calculate the conductivity of the xylem conduit lumina in a stem segment from their cross-sectional dimensions.’
    • ‘The 12 th Planet will pass between the earth and the sun, approaching from below the elliptic (from the direction of the South Pole) and move in a trajectory towards the North Pole.’
    • ‘The stamen primordia differentiate from globular primordia into elliptic appendages of differing size.’
    • ‘Lions was one of several students who Schwartz directed to take this new approach and his doctoral thesis developed what has become the standard variational theory of linear elliptic and evolution equations.’
    • ‘Although less than the full Shimura - Taniyama conjecture, this result does imply that the elliptic curve given above is modular, thereby proving Fermat's Last Theorem.’
    • ‘During a sabbatical term at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifique in Paris in 1985 she studied Gromov's work on elliptic methods which became the basis for much of her later work.’
    • ‘He worked on the general theory of boundary value problems for linear systems of partial differential equations of elliptic type, finding general methods of solving boundary value problems.’
    • ‘Earlier approaches started with an elliptic orbit of the Moon round the Earth, assuming the Sun had no effect, then perturbing the orbit to take account of the gravitation of the Sun.’
    • ‘In 1955, he was examining the properties of elliptic curves.’
    • ‘The equatorial view is elliptic in Pentamerista grains and circular in Tetramerista pollen.’
    • ‘The near elliptic sail cut is now sort of over-elliptic giving us a fuller, more elliptic lift distribution in both loose and tight settings.’
    • ‘These problems form the basis of a conjecture: every elliptic curve defined over the rational field is a factor of the Jacobian of a modular function field.’
    oval, egg-shaped, elliptic, ovate, ovoid, oviform, ellipsoidal


Early 18th century from Greek elleiptikos ‘defective’, from elleipein ‘leave out, fall short’.