Meaning of elliptically in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈlɪptɪkli/


See elliptical

‘As he moved from protest singer to surrealistic prophet, from born-again Christian to born-again Jew, Dylan's life and music registered, however unwillingly or elliptically, his times.’
  • ‘I've been interviewing various players in this little drama for some time now - something I've alluded to elliptically in a few posts over the last couple months.’
  • ‘By combining a weak horizontal magnetic field with a strong vertical magnetic field, we can extract light that is elliptically polarized.’
  • ‘And quite the contrary, there's a great deal of place in Palmer's work, often elliptically referenced and usually placed in time, commonly ‘noted’ through the people who populate his poetry.’
  • ‘Somewhat elliptically but passionately in his still-halting but intense English, he explains his fascination with the Belgian artist's surrealism.’