Meaning of Elsan in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛlsan/


Trademark ; British
  • A type of transportable chemical toilet.

    ‘‘Pull up an Elsan,’ I invited, indicating the disused commode, and drawing her to the picturesque old range.’
    • ‘Although the 15 ft deep, 15 ft by 8ft observation post and adjoining Elsan tin chemical lavatory space is spartan, to the point of being bleak, the patch of land above it is something else.’
    • ‘In the present case, that inference is reinforced by the Council's actions in facilitating occupation by installing the drain, providing the Elsan closet, and also by authorising the payment of a grant for the insulation works.’


1930s apparently from the initials of Ephraim Louis Jackson (its manufacturer) and sanitation.