Meaning of eluent in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛljʊənt/


(also eluant)
  • A fluid used to elute a substance.

    ‘The eluent was 20 mM sodium acetate / 10 mM citric acid buffer containing 10% methanol.’
    • ‘The eluent was 50 mM potassium phosphate buffer, pH 5.5, containing 1% methanol.’
    • ‘The initial eluent was 2.5% water in acetonitrile for 4 min, followed by a slightly concave gradient reaching 25% water at 12 min.’
    • ‘The resulting solution was applied to a gel filtration column and the eluent applied to an anion-exchange column and eluted using a 0-500-mM NaCl gradient.’
    • ‘The eluant consisted of a combination of sodium acetate, sodium hydroxide and water.’


1940s from Latin eluent- ‘washing out’, from the verb eluere (see elute).