Meaning of elutriation in English:


Pronunciation /ɪl(j)uːtrɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/



See elutriate

‘G1 daughter cells obtained by centrifugal elutriation were released into fresh medium and monitored every 30 min thereafter for the presence of Trf4p on chromosome spreads, for nuclear morphology, and for spindle morphology.’
  • ‘Approximately 2 x 10 exponentially growing HeLa-S3 cells were synchronized by size using centrifugal elutriation in a J6 MI centrifuge and at least 15 size-separated fractions were collected.’
  • ‘In this volcanic setting elutriation was driven by magmatic heat, but the production of relatively finer-grained clastic dykes by elutriation of material from coarser ill-sorted sources may be significant in many settings.’
  • ‘To examine Tetrahymena RAD51 expression through the cell cycle, a synchronous population was obtained by centrifugal elutriation.’
  • ‘The cells in different cell cycle phases were collected, and cell cycle distribution in each of the fractions from centrifugal elutriation was confirmed by flow cytometry.’