Meaning of emery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛm(ə)ri/

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mass noun
  • 1A greyish-black form of corundum containing iron oxide or other impurities, used in powdered form as an abrasive.

    ‘These included quartz, garnet and emery which were mixed with water to make a slurry and applied with rotary tools, such as wheels and drills, as well as non-rotary files.’
    • ‘Surfaces can be smoothed down by rasps, files, and rifflers or by carborundum and emery, and the addition of water avoids a build-up of dust.’
    • ‘When the roughcast was delivered to me, I had to stop up the air holes and the core hole, to correct the various defects, and to polish the bronze with files and very fine emery.’
    • ‘If you haven't got access to a grinder then a smooth file and emery will actually do a better job even if it does take much longer.’
    • ‘However, it does give the reader a geologic framework for such well-known localities as the Chester emery mines.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting materials coated with emery for polishing, smoothing, or grinding.
      ‘emery paper’
      • ‘We shampoo them, comb the tails and polish the horns with emery paper, and they love it,’ he says.’
      • ‘It is done by hand, using a lathe to spin the barrel and a skilled touch with fine emery paper to polish the barrel to fit the bushing.’
      • ‘For safety's sake, use an emery cloth to sand the cut edges of your newly shortened rake.’
      • ‘Use the emery cloth and clean the end of the pipe and the inside socket on the other piece.’
      • ‘Smooth weathered, rough wooden handles with medium-grit emery cloth - it won't tear as easily as sandpaper.’
      • ‘The arms are bent into shape and fitted and the whole is finished off with file and emery paper.’
      • ‘Use a scraper, wire brush, or coarse emery cloth to remove any bubbled paint finish and loose rust.’
      • ‘With these first impressions, I work back into the plate with a scraper, burnisher and emery paper to enhance the lights and accent the motif.’
      • ‘With emery cloth, lightly rub each contact point to remove rust.’
      • ‘Very fine emery cloth will give quicker results, but the metal must be rubbed in only one direction, do not use a circular motion.’
      • ‘To eliminate them, use emery paper and sand off the spots then make the plate flat.’
      • ‘With steel wool, emery cloth or a wire brush remove all loose peeling paint and rust.’
      • ‘I had to make my bed, help with dishes and clean the knives with pink emery powder - quite an arduous job in the days before stainless steel knives.’
      • ‘To remove mildew stains from Venetian blinds, mix together some fine emery powder and linseed oil.’


Late 15th century from French émeri, from Old French esmeri, from Italian smeriglio, based on Greek smuris, smiris ‘polishing powder’.