Meaning of emperor moth in English:

emperor moth


  • A large moth of the silk moth family with eyespots on all four wings.

    Saturnia and other genera, family Saturniidae: several species, in particular the common European S. pavonia

    ‘The Peaks are also a stronghold for the striking green hairstreak butterfly and the emperor moth, which feeds on heather.’
    • ‘The eggs are laid by a large and attractive moth, with a name to fit, the mopane emperor moth.’
    • ‘Fried locusts were common before the advent of pesticides, and the brightly coloured mopane ‘worms’, which feed on the mopane tree, actually caterpillars of the emperor moth, are much eaten in season.’
    • ‘They ate emperor moth caterpillars, toasted giant leafcutter ants, black Himalayan ants from China, mealworms, chocolate-covered ants, fish eyes, whitebait, tripe, eels, and snails.’