Meaning of empire-building in English:



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mass noun
  • The practice of obtaining more power, responsibility, or staff within an organization for the purposes of self-aggrandizement.

    ‘Private firms, particularly those with some degree of market power, may engage in empire-building or deviate from profit maximization in other ways for considerable periods of time.’
    • ‘But even with management's attention directed towards empire-building, the financial performance has remained reasonably buoyant.’
    • ‘But the speed and style of his empire-building led to accusations of a lack of consultation from within the organisation as well as from the powerful club chairmen.’
    • ‘He said this power-mongering had led to empire-building, where sports structures were used as power bases for launching attacks and counter-attacks.’
    • ‘To some observers, the organisation exhibits many features of empire-building that have no place in the state sector and make change difficult to execute.’
    • ‘Not long after, the well-known process of empire-building demanded that the Arts Council acquire a new (and not necessarily improved) visual-arts department.’
    • ‘His aspirations to become Australia's dominant newspaper owner was branded as empire-building.’
    • ‘These and other realities carry a stark message: the same capitalist, empire-building forces that impose the wars abroad also impose the war at home.’
    • ‘They are prone to empire-building, which encourages them to support additional regulation and the consequential increases of their resources.’
    • ‘He argues that this policy of empire-building is shortsighted and not conducive to the long-term interest of either the governors or the governed.’