Meaning of enchiridion in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛnkʌɪˈrɪdɪən/

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nounplural noun enchiridions, plural noun enchiridia/ˌɛnkʌɪˈrɪdɪə/

  • A book containing essential information on a subject.

    • ‘I also wrote a book on Faith, Hope, and Charity, at the request of the person to whom I addressed it, that he might have a work of mine which should never be out of his hands, such as the Greeks call an Enchiridion (Handbook).’
    directions, key, guide, recipe, specification


Late Middle English via late Latin from Greek enkheiridion, from en- ‘within’ + kheir ‘hand’ + the diminutive suffix -idion.