Meaning of end-stopped in English:



  • (of verse) having a pause at the end of each line.

    ‘Some poems play frequently enjambed lines against end-stopped stanzas; others build up successively stronger enjambments in order to emphasise one big stop.’
    • ‘Thus, the elastic sentence of the Dead Man poems offers plenty of variety even though every line is end-stopped.’
    • ‘Even when they employ new or traditional auditory forms, they often tone down the musical effects by deliberately flattening the rhythms, avoiding end-stopped lines, and eliminating noticeable alliteration or assonance.’
    • ‘She or he needs an instinctive sense of where lines should end, how end-stopped they might be, and which ones call for enjambment, their sense flowing lyrically over the tiny pause and into a line that follows.’
    • ‘One sore point in this debut collection is his end-stopped, largely exact rhyme.’
    • ‘All eight lines of the poem are end-stopped, but the two that are not punctuated exploit the pauses.’
    • ‘Where the line is end-stopped by punctuation, the next line frequently begins with a conjunction, and the meaning flows on.’