Meaning of end of story in English:

end of story


(also British end of)
  • Used to emphasize that there is nothing to add on a matter just mentioned.

    • ‘My house, my rules. End of story’
    • ‘Hank made a comment that some people found offensive and he apologized, end of story.’
    • ‘As we all know, Pat was penalised. That was it, end of story.’
    • ‘ They are un-American, end of story.’
    • ‘ I cannot vote or support people who are going to make the country poorer and less influential—full stop, end of story.’
    • ‘You must have the very best people on your team, period, end of story.’
    • ‘Outside court, a crowd of protesters called for stiffer sentences for killer drivers. "He should not see the light of day, end of story."’
    • ‘I think he's an absolute cheat and an absolute liar. End of story.’
    • ‘"We'll be ready, end of story," said a spokesperson for the prime minister.’
    • ‘Fracking is being banned in Scotland, end of story. I don't think that position could be any clearer.’
    • ‘The allegations against him were investigated and found not to be true, he got his job back, end of story.’