Meaning of end plate in English:

end plate


  • 1A flattened piece at or forming the end of something such as a motor or dynamo.

    ‘the electromagnet assembly has a detachable end plate’
    • ‘The large end plate on the wing works like an aerodynamic brake and produces the necessary speed wash off.’
    • ‘The linkage allows the spring assembly to be rigidly mounted under the bottom end plate.’
    • ‘An end plate is secured to the canister at the open end and includes an inlet port and an outlet port to provide for fluid communication with a mounting adaptor of an oil circuit.’
    • ‘Wilton drew the gunlike contraption and stuck the end plate between the doors.’
    • ‘This destroyed the rear wing end plate and part of the rear diffuser causing a significant loss of downforce.’
    • ‘The case must be one piece with removable front and rear bearing end plates, and the rotor must be contained within the one-piece case.’
    • ‘Locking the hinged end plates forward converts the tool to a box blade.’
  • 2Anatomy
    Each of the discoid expansions of a motor nerve where its branches terminate on a muscle fibre.

    ‘A perpendicular is erected from the end plate of the most caudal vertebrae, whose inferior end plate tilts maximally to the concavity of the curve (inferior end vertebrae).’
    • ‘Axons travel from the neurons located in nuclei within the brain stem via the cranial nerves without synaptic interruption to the motor end plates on the striated muscle.’
    • ‘This process puts greater stress on the articular cartilage of the vertebrae and their respective end plates.’
    • ‘The unique arrangement of muscle fibers and motor end plates in hummingbird pectoral muscle may be related to such energy storage.’
    • ‘New compression fractures were noted in superior end plates.’