Meaning of end user in English:

end user


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  • The person who actually uses a particular product.

    ‘The meaning of ‘consumer’ is not necessarily limited to the end-user of a product purchasing it through a retail outlet.’
    • ‘User-centered design requires the inclusion of a product's end-users throughout the design process.’
    • ‘One of these primary goals needs to be ease of use for the end-users of the product.’
    • ‘Backup is essential for end-users and business users alike, and there are many excellent ways to back up your data.’
    • ‘However, although initially targeted at Asian service providers, its end-users today are all in North America.’
    • ‘I liaise with end-users, resellers and partners to see how we can improve our portfolio of products and services.’
    • ‘As online marketers we are, of course, aware of the rise in use of software that blocks advertisements on an end-user's desktop.’
    • ‘In the end, all parties win as the software creator and partner sell more products, and end-users obtain a more seamless and easy solution.’
    • ‘Once the data is moved, the end-users will access their data and files as they normally did prior to the consolidation.’
    • ‘Manufacturers will be held responsible for the reclamation and recycling of old computers, with end-users incurring no extra cost.’
    • ‘Just ten years ago, security professionals had almost total control over what end-users ran on their computers.’
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