Meaning of endangered in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈdeɪndʒəd/

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  • (of a species) seriously at risk of extinction.

    ‘legislation to protect endangered species’
    • ‘elephants are acutely endangered in East Africa’
    • ‘Magnolia stellata is an endangered tree species endemic to the Tokai region of central Japan.’
    • ‘For more on conservation and endangered species, visit Animals on the Edge’
    • ‘Many people believe it is right to try to protect endangered species from extinction.’
    • ‘Many studies have been devoted to the maintenance of genetic diversity of endemic or endangered island species.’
    • ‘The state itself has the largest concentration of endangered species east of Texas.’
    • ‘Although still carefully monitored, they have been removed from the list of endangered species.’
    • ‘The tamarins are a highly endangered species found only in the rain forests of Colombia.’
    • ‘Conservation strategies for these two endangered species are proposed.’
    • ‘Increasingly, breeding animals of endangered species is among a zoo's stated objectives.’
    • ‘Essentially this is a speciality garden centre together with a variety of wildlife, mostly endangered species.’
    • ‘There have been concerns raised that on such a scale, the shark is at serious risk of becoming an endangered species.’
    • ‘By the time a species is recognized as endangered, it may already be past recovery.’
    • ‘Cloning technologies may save endangered species or even bring back extinct ones.’
    • ‘They have been given endangered species status under the Wildlife Protection Act.’
    • ‘However, that tree has now been placed on the endangered species list and can no longer be harvested.’
    • ‘For these reasons, these animals have been added to the endangered species list.’
    • ‘But it is now an endangered species and could well become extinct through cross-breeding.’
    • ‘The air traffic controllers with whom we now chat are fast becoming endangered species.’
    • ‘The giant panda, found in the wild in southwest China, is one of the world's most endangered species.’
    • ‘On what basis do scientists advocate saving particular endangered species?’
    in danger, in peril, in jeopardy, at risk, endangered, unsafe, unprotected, ill-protected, unguarded