Meaning of endite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛndʌɪt/


  • An inwardly directed lobe on a limb segment of an arthropod, especially on the protopodite of a crustacean limb.

    ‘We do not know if an endopod segment carries a single endite or more.’
    • ‘Some endites of the endopod expose one spine, some have two and a few others three or even more.’
    • ‘In some crustacean groups appendages have large, flattened exopods, endopods, epipodites, and endites.’
    • ‘Since the setae occur in a cluster they appear to come from a single endite, which indicates that the appendage is probably a second rather than a first antenna.’


Late 19th century from endo-‘within’ + -ite.