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  • Relating to or denoting glands which secrete hormones or other products directly into the blood.

    ‘the endocrine system’
    • ‘Some are hormones, secreted by endocrine glands, and circulating in the blood, which leave through capillary walls to gain access to tissue fluids around their target cells.’
    • ‘The foundations of the endocrine system are the hormones and glands.’
    • ‘In addition, hormones from endocrine glands enter and leave the vascular system through regionally specialized capillaries.’
    • ‘Once a hormone is secreted, it travels from the endocrine gland through the bloodstream to the cells designed to receive its message.’
    • ‘It was first isolated from the endocrine gland in the body which has primary responsibility for holding calcium levels in your blood within a very tight range.’



/ˈɛndə(ʊ)krʌɪn/ /ˈɛndə(ʊ)krɪn/


Early 20th century from endo-‘within’ + Greek krinein ‘sift’.