Meaning of endophytic in English:


Pronunciation /ɛndəʊˈfɪtɪk/



See endophyte

‘It is now widely accepted that plants infected with endophytic fungi are often at a distinct advantage at times.’
  • ‘Endophytic fungi are thought to interact mutualistically with their host plants mainly by increasing host resistance to herbivores and have been termed ‘acquired plant defenses’.’
  • ‘On the other hand, a relatively high percentage of infections during storage at 4°C supported the idea that endophytic microbes in Scots pine buds are a potential cause of the defence reactions.’
  • ‘He is collaborating with the National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica to explore poorly understood endophytic fungi and uncultured soil microbes of Costa Rica.’
  • ‘Even chinch bugs, which can quickly destroy a fine lawn, will not eat grass that's infected with the dreaded endophytic fungus.’