Meaning of engagement ring in English:

engagement ring


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  • A ring traditionally given by a man to a woman when they agree to marry.

    ‘The rings were my aunt's original wedding ring, her engagement ring and her eternity ring.’
    • ‘Many women also wear their gold wedding ring with a diamond engagement ring and an eternity ring.’
    • ‘He says the couple visited a jewellers and chose an engagement ring.’
    • ‘I beamed and hastily, but gently, slipped on the engagement ring onto her ring finger.’
    • ‘When we arrived in London, I had a beautiful sapphire ring as my engagement ring on my finger.’
    • ‘She was wearing a number of rings including an engagement ring.’
    • ‘Her engagement ring glittered on her ring finger, a symbol of the promise she'd made.’
    • ‘He flew to England in the summer of 2001 with an engagement ring he had specially made and she agreed to marry him.’
    • ‘Ms Aston told former colleagues some weeks ago that she was engaged to be married to Dr Boyle, and showed them a diamond engagement ring.’
    • ‘Later he proposed that they be married and gave her an engagement ring.’
    • ‘She was also wearing an engagement ring and has a silver thumb ring on her left hand.’
    • ‘She told me that when David found the right girl and they got engaged she would have that diamond made into an engagement ring for her.’
    • ‘When he brought the jewel back home, he had it fashioned as an engagement ring.’
    • ‘Men paid for the bride's engagement ring and wedding band, even shopping alone for the item.’
    • ‘He was thinking of maybe getting her an engagement ring when he heard someone approach him from behind.’
    • ‘Little did she realise he had indeed taken her away specifically to propose, but the engagement ring he had chosen for her, had not arrived.’
    • ‘I moved closer, and saw it was the engagement ring I'd given her only a month previous.’
    • ‘It was the most special place I could think of, to give you your engagement ring.’
    • ‘She looked down at her beautiful engagement ring and smiled, knowing that she was loved.’
    • ‘My diamond engagement ring sparkled in the sunlight shining in from the outside.’