Meaning of enoki in English:


(also enoki mushroom)

Pronunciation /ɪˈnəʊkɪ/


  • An edible Japanese mushroom, growing in clusters, with slender stems and small caps.

    Flammulina velutipes, family Agaricaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    ‘For the enoki mushrooms: Separate the mushrooms into eight small bundles.’
    • ‘The base of the soup is a simple combination of oriental flavours; enoki mushrooms, spring onions and spring greens.’
    • ‘Arrange pork belly, crab and enoki mushrooms and garnish with membrillo.’
    • ‘The hot-and-sour soup is as inexpensive as it is invigorating, with wispy enoki mushrooms setting it apart from everyday versions.’
    • ‘Trim woody stem ends from 3 ounces of enoki mushrooms.’


1980s from Japanese enoki-take, from enoki ‘nettle tree’ + take ‘mushroom’.