Meaning of enrolment in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈrəʊlm(ə)nt/


mass noun
  • 1The action of enrolling or being enrolled.

    ‘the amount due must be paid on enrolment in October’
    • ‘enrolments for teacher training have dropped off sharply’
    • ‘Registration indicates a higher level of training than enrolment.’
    • ‘But if I stop I'll have to give my employers back the money they spent on registration and enrolment fees.’
    • ‘Closing date for enrolment forms was on Tuesday March 1st, 2005 for Good Counsel Girls School.’
    • ‘Parents who have children starting school in September should contact the school for enrolment forms, during school hours.’
    • ‘All prospective students are to be accompanied by a parent/guardian and have all relevant enrolment forms completed.’
    • ‘If you wish to enrol your child please collect enrolment form at the Playgroup between 9a.m. and 2.30p.m.’
    • ‘Now I'm going to read some course schedules and enrolment guides.’
    • ‘This week is enrolment week, and when I went into work today the familiar queues were all around the students' association.’
    • ‘Those who have enrolment forms, please bring them in completed.’
    • ‘All completed enrolment forms must be returned to the School by Friday, March 15, 2002.’
    • ‘Parents are reminded that enrolment forms are now available at the school and should be collected and completed as soon as possible.’
    • ‘Parents are asked to attend with their child to complete the necessary enrolment forms and to confirm their child's place.’
    • ‘You can check your enrolment details and start the process here.’
    • ‘While the number of faculty positions decreases, enrolment levels continues to increase each year.’
    • ‘The school's enrolment policy is based on three criteria, after which random selection is used.’
    • ‘This will be an opportunity to meet the staff, use the facilities and complete enrolment paperwork.’
    • ‘It is important that parents attend to receive their enrolment forms for the September term.’
    employment, appointment, work, job, day job, post, situation
    1. 1.1North American count noun The number of people enrolled at a school or college.
      ‘a record enrolment of 690 students’
      • ‘These changes have occurred despite the fact that student enrollments in colleges and universities are at an all-time high.’
      • ‘College enrollments rose, and students developed their own rules governing relationships.’
      • ‘A year later, the college had an enrolment of 50 students, which remained constant until 1870.’
      • ‘Due to the enlargement of college student enrollments, it becomes more and more difficult to get a job.’
      • ‘Nationally, minority students make up 30% of community college enrollments and more than 50% in some urban communities.’
      • ‘How about falling enrollments of men in colleges, ongoing now for 10-20 years.’
      • ‘As a result of declining enrollments, many colleges of agriculture are working to revise and/or increase recruitment efforts to more effectively attract students.’
      • ‘It is also important to realize that enrollments in community colleges are generally higher than in the past and enrollment numbers may reflect new demographics as much as anything else.’
      • ‘The number of students with disabilities enrolled in higher education is growing rapidly, with the largest enrollments at community colleges.’
      • ‘Back in 1997, Congress passed a program of higher-education tax credits aimed at raising college enrollments.’
      • ‘College enrollments increased by 70 percent over pre-war levels.’
      • ‘A sharp rise in enrollments in community colleges followed.’
      • ‘Today, agricultural colleges suffer declining enrollments in technical and production fields.’
      • ‘But because of the economic downturn, college enrollments everywhere are growing.’
      • ‘This economic reality has boosted college enrollments despite the financial difficulties.’
      • ‘Rising high school and college enrollments created opportunities for both coaches and athletes.’
      • ‘Average annual wages were higher in community colleges with higher enrollments.’
      • ‘Across Afghanistan, schools are seeing record enrollments, with more than 4 million students in school.’
      • ‘As a result of these trends, enrollments of full-time students in colleges and universities will increase by nearly 20 percent during the next decade.’
      • ‘Increasing enrollments and opening new schools and colleges of pharmacy are not the only approaches to dealing with the pharmacy workforce issues that our country faces.’