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with object and adverbial of place
  • 1Place (a revered or precious object) in an appropriate receptacle.

    ‘relics are enshrined under altars’
    • ‘When the time came to enshrine the relic, however, it split in two.’
    • ‘The two brothers and their king also discovered the hill where relics of the previous Buddha had been enshrined.’
    • ‘Visitors picnicked and bathed on the flat slabs of rock between the eight broad strands on the falls, and then worshipped at the small temples enshrining hero stones.’
    • ‘One of these was to be a church enshrining the scene of the Nativity.’
    • ‘Sweden's most visited museum enshrines the warship, Vasa, sunk inside Stockholm harbour while on her maiden voyage in 1628.’
    • ‘About 27 km from here is Nathdwara, which has a 12th century temple which enshrines a unique black stone image of Lord Krishna.’
    • ‘From the courtyard one is faced with two flights of stairs one leading to the Shilla Mata Temple complex that enshrines the image of Goddess of Power, Kali.’
    • ‘In the centre of the holy spring where once stood a mulberry tree, there is one marble temple which enshrines some idols found at the time of cleansing the spring.’
    • ‘In 1978, they were enshrined at the Shinto shrine.’
    1. 1.1Preserve (a right, tradition, or idea) in a form that ensures it will be protected and respected.
      ‘the right of all workers to strike was enshrined in the new constitution’
      • ‘Our most treasured rights are also enshrined in law, laws are something that only humans can make and comply with or break.’
      • ‘This is a very tough one as many of the American's rights are enshrined in the constitution.’
      • ‘These are rights enshrined in Article 10 of the European Convention.’
      • ‘This practice is actually enshrined in the rules governing the national minimum wage.’
      • ‘The Constitution should be about enshrining rights, not discrimination.’
      • ‘Until recently the right to land traditionally worked was enshrined in the Brazilian constitution.’
      • ‘A spokesman for Amnesty International said the measures had caused great concern, and contravened the spirit of the 1951 Geneva Convention, enshrining the rights of those seeking asylum.’
      • ‘In principle, its objectives were commendable, enshrining the idea that government information belonged to the people whose taxes paid for it to be generated.’
      • ‘As before, our constitution is said to enshrine the idea of Parliamentary Government.’
      • ‘They are contrary to the UN Charter, which enshrines the rights of the individual.’
      • ‘Newspaper reporters are deemed the guardians of free debate and the United States enshrined their rights in the constitution.’
      • ‘That might still prove to be the case if the judges reached agreement with the Government and the necessary protection was enshrined in statute, he said.’
      • ‘The right to a free, public education is enshrined in the constitutions of all 50 states.’
      • ‘It enshrines the past and captures images for posterity.’
      • ‘But tenant and residents' rights have developed, so that today, they are now enshrined in law.’
      • ‘So it is entirely consistent that we have now enshrined permanently in this bill the new rules around dual citizenship.’
      • ‘The proposed measures were enshrined in draft legislation and consultation papers published last week.’
      • ‘New measures were enshrined in draft legislation and consultation papers published in February.’
      • ‘Indeed, this notion is found enshrined in legislation in different parts of the world.’
      • ‘Respect for human rights and individual rights must be legally enshrined.’
      set down, set out, spell out, express, lay down, set in stone, embody, realize, manifest, incorporate, represent, contain, include, preserve, treasure, immortalize, cherish
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/ɪnˈʃrʌɪn/ /ɛnˈʃrʌɪn/