Meaning of entrammel in English:


verbverb entrammels, verb entrammelling, verb entrammelled; US verb entrammeling, US verb entrammeled

[with object] literary
  • Entangle; trap.

    ‘she had entrammelled herself in terrible evil bonds’
    • ‘As you get entrammelled in family life he reckons it's difficult to make, and keep, good buddies wherever you are.’
    • ‘Such novelistic fragments not only portray recognizable figures of lovers' thought but vividly display mechanisms of signification and their entrammelling complications.’
    • ‘Thus, like Oedipus, Augustus, as the seeming outsider, is able to fathom the entrammeling web of the double curse which ‘lies over the land,’ and cut boldly through its snares.’



/ɪnˈtram(ə)l/ /ɛnˈtram(ə)l/