Meaning of entropion in English:


Pronunciation /ɛnˈtrəʊpɪən/


mass nounMedicine
  • A condition in which the eyelid is rolled inward against the eyeball, typically caused by muscle spasm or by inflammation or scarring of the conjunctiva (as in diseases such as trachoma), and resulting in irritation of the eye by the lashes (trichiasis).

    ‘It is, however, susceptible to entropion, an eye disease which can cause blindness as the lashes penetrate the cornea.’
    • ‘Hip dysplasia, entropion, and luxating patella are among the most common health problems encountered in the chow chow.’
    • ‘The effects of entropion range from irritation to tearing to loss of vision from scarring.’


Mid 18th century from en-‘inside’, on the pattern of ectropion.