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[with object]
  • 1Assign the responsibility for doing something to (someone)

    ‘I've been entrusted with the task of getting him safely back’
    • ‘You are only entrusted with the responsibility on behalf of the remaining spouse and children.’
    • ‘He can be duped by almost anyone and it is amazing that he is entrusted with quite so many secrets and responsible jobs.’
    • ‘Students were entrusted with the responsibility of identifying problems and chalking out plans to solve them.’
    • ‘He is entrusted with ensuring the best all-round coaching and preparation for the country's top amateurs.’
    • ‘Silence broken, he then spoke of the difficulty of filling the capacity he is entrusted with.’
    • ‘She was entrusted with the social inclusion agenda that he saw as being the purpose of the Scottish parliament.’
    • ‘Her husband died in 1990 and she was entrusted with looking after her family - a task she did well.’
    • ‘He is entrusted with the development of the sport in the Asian region.’
    • ‘He was entrusted with their gypsy wagon and the objects they sold from it whenever they stopped in any populated place.’
    • ‘William was entrusted with manoeuvring these slabs into position and stood just to the rear of the wagon.’
    • ‘We are entrusted with the lives of soldiers, and those soldiers, when deployed, entrust us with the health of their spouses and children back home.’
    • ‘As you continue to prove yourself, the head coach may entrust you with additional responsibilities.’
    • ‘Superiors will entrust you with more responsible work.’
    • ‘Journalism, like most things, is a grave responsibility you have been entrusted with.’
    • ‘He is the person entrusted by parliament with the task.’
    • ‘No international body is entrusted with the task of prosecuting and punishing those criminal offences.’
    • ‘Do you know what it is like to be entrusted with leadership responsibility?’
    • ‘He records and names these places as though entrusted with an essential job.’
    • ‘Exposing a kook being entrusted with a mission of vital national security interest is pretty important.’
    • ‘Last night I was entrusted with a mission of sorts.’
    give responsibility for, charge, invest, endow
    assign, confer on, bestow on, vest in, consign
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    1. 1.1Put (something) into someone's care or protection.
      ‘you persuade people to entrust their savings to you’
      • ‘Medicare isn't a moral enterprise: what's moral about removing a citizen's responsibility for his and his dependents' health care and entrusting it to the state?’
      • ‘Millions of UK investors entrust their money to highly paid, highly educated professional fund managers.’
      • ‘The cases show that where an employer undertakes the care of a client's property and entrusts the task to an employee who steals the property, the employer is vicariously liable.’
      • ‘BoatU.S. also learned that most agencies keep records of consumer complaints, making them a valuable resource for consumers who want to check on businesses before spending their money or entrusting their boats to their care.’
      • ‘I will spare your life, but I am entrusting it to these Mages here.’
      • ‘It wasn't long until they began to deal with the woman and entrust their shipments into her care - for the way to conquer a land is not through blood, but to keep it with skill and settlement.’
      • ‘The second is achieved by entrusting the task of consolidated supervision to the state which authorizes a parent undertaking, where the parent of a bank is another bank.’
      • ‘As singers, we entrust our larynges to the care of these people, so it is of utmost importance that we find the right person, and there are a lot of ‘wrong’ ones out there.’
      • ‘History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.’
      • ‘For centuries, the British legal system, with its adherence to the rule of law and the doctrine of separation of powers, has protected our citizen's rights by entrusting the process of their determination to an independent judiciary.’
      • ‘In the case of the female, that extends to entrusting the final development of her chick to the male, although it could also be seen as the male entrusting care of a good site to the female.’
      • ‘It can save money by entrusting this care to health corporations, but does this guarantee the best care for these vulnerable people?’
      • ‘It does not entrust the care of the public health to private companies, which may grow rich upon disease.’
      • ‘But the pattern is much too patchy, and it is not surprising that so many doctors are unwilling to delegate functions when they are unsure of the skills of the staff to whom they would entrust the care of their patients.’
      • ‘Raiding nomadic herders forced the populations to live in walled cities for defense and to entrust their protection to an aristocratic class of leaders.’
      • ‘This is why it's important not to entrust your entire financial affairs to just one investment company.’
      • ‘In general, this sort of discretion was entrusted to men with social stature.’
      • ‘Nor are we protected by the people with whom we entrust our money.’
      • ‘He would entrust all his money and belongings to whomever was accompanying him at the time.’
      • ‘Millions of UK investors entrust their money to highly paid, highly educated professional fund managers.’
      hand over, give custody of, make over, turn over, commit, assign, consign, deliver
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/ɪnˈtrʌst/ /ɛnˈtrʌst/