Meaning of envenom in English:


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[with object]
  • 1 literary Put poison on or into; make poisonous.

    ‘the blades were envenomed with a fatal poison for which there is no antidote’
    • ‘He must've envenomed them or something like that, since I saw some green liquid besides blood on his shirt.’
    • ‘I choked and coughed repeatedly as my body tried to rid itself of the smoke that still envenomed its lungs.’
    • ‘Bites are painless, though envenomed people rapidly experience paraesthesia (numbness of the extremities), tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, weakness and paralysis.’
    • ‘Poisons normally don't act quite so hammily, and, where so large an area had to be envenomed, it might have revealed a smudge, foiling the lethal intent.’
    • ‘Laertes wounds Hamlet, but in a scuffle they exchange rapiers and he too is wounded with the envenomed point.’
    poison, add poison to, spike, lace, contaminate
    embitter, make bitter, sour, poison, make rancorous, jaundice, colour, taint
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    1. 1.1Infuse with hostility or bitterness.
      • ‘tribal rivalries envenom the bitter civil war’



/ɪnˈvɛnəm/ /ɛnˈvɛnəm/


Middle English (formerly also as invenom): from Old French envenimer, from en- ‘in’ + venim ‘venom’.