Meaning of Environmentally Sensitive Area in English:

Environmentally Sensitive Area


(also ESA)
  • (in the UK) an area officially designated as containing landscapes or wildlife that would be threatened by unrestricted development.

    ‘As a result every acre on the farm, that supports not only prize-winning Swaledales, but also about 35 suckler cows, is either in an Environmentally Sensitive Area or is managed through Defra's Countryside Stewardship scheme.’
    • ‘The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says the establishment of an Environmentally Sensitive Area on the marshes in 1993 has safeguarded wildlife.’
    • ‘The 36-acre field was already under protection as an Environmentally Sensitive Area and it was difficult for him to keep the grass cut to the designated height.’
    • ‘The Environmentally Sensitive Areas scheme introduced in 1987 aims to provide broader habitat protection within designated areas.’
    • ‘The moor forms part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest and an international Special Protection Area, in addition to being part of the North Peak Environmentally Sensitive Area.’