Meaning of environmentally unfriendly in English:

environmentally unfriendly


  • Harmful to the environment.

    ‘the water industry is badly affected by the environmentally unfriendly activities of others’
    • ‘In Germany, cartons have gained a reputation for being environmentally unfriendly, and there has been a movement to encourage the use of returnable bottles.’
    • ‘The peace-loving hippies from the 1960s ultimately became the yuppies in the 1990s and are considered the driving force behind the environmentally unfriendly SUV craze.’
    • ‘According to Horan, fund managers are conscious that other environmentally unfriendly companies such as those that pollute the atmosphere could face very large clean-up bills.’
    • ‘The reputation of computer and mobile phone industries for being environmentally unfriendly is about to change.’
    • ‘While many of today's kitchen countertops are made of environmentally unfriendly materials that can "offgas" toxic emissions long after installation, green choices are expanding rapidly.’
    • ‘Tell your state and local environmental departments that you oppose environmentally unfriendly policies, petition for more public transportation, and ask your local supermarket manager to provide a wider selection of healthy foods.’
    • ‘It seems to me the current transportation infrastructure is designed only to promote and accommodate environmentally unfriendly vehicles.’
    • ‘To proponents, switching the main fuel supply from such environmentally unfriendly sources as fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) to water will greatly benefit the environment.’
    • ‘The patrol boat towed the craft to deep water where it was cleared of environmentally unfriendly products and then set adrift.’
    • ‘Shortsighted solutions to the problem involved burial in remote parts of military bases, burial at sea, or other environmentally unfriendly alternatives that are no longer acceptable.’
    • ‘'There's so much we can do to reduce the amount of waste - reusing, recycling and replacing environmentally unfriendly materials such as plastic bags with alternatives such as calico bags,' he said.’
    • ‘This should change consumption patterns by pushing the consumers to save energy, to consume less environmentally unfriendly products or to shift consumption towards greener products.’
    • ‘I felt it was environmentally unfriendly and would cause litter.’
    • ‘It was argued that the peat fired stations were uneconomical and environmentally unfriendly.’
    • ‘He said: "It is less environmentally unfriendly than dumping rubbish in landfill sites."’
    • ‘But these days it seems that the only thing people can do to boycott environmentally unfriendly products - such as cakes wrapped in multiple layers of packaging - is to refuse to buy them.’
    • ‘It is callous, careless, deceitful and environmentally unfriendly, putting profit ahead of everything.’
    • ‘The city began collecting environmentally unfriendly food containers in early April, and in the first month some 3 million were retrieved by the sanitation bureau.’
    • ‘It felt a little environmentally unfriendly, so I began to carry my towel with me.’
    • ‘They are environmentally unfriendly and don't meet the technology expectations of many of their potential readers.’
    damaging, injurious, detrimental, dangerous, deleterious, unfavourable, negative, disadvantageous, unhealthy, unwholesome, hurtful, baleful, wounding, destructive, environmentally unfriendly