Meaning of epiphysis in English:


nounplural noun epiphyses/ɪˈpɪfɪsiːz/

  • 1The end part of a long bone, initially growing separately from the shaft.

    Compare with diaphysis

    ‘The skeleton is highly incomplete, consisting of hand and foot bones, epiphyses, ribs, vertebrae, the right ilium, and teeth.’
    • ‘The use of androgens by adolescents who have not completed their full growth will eliminate further growth by closing the bone epiphyses.’
    • ‘This growth occurs at the epiphyses, where the main shaft of a bone joins the parts which are shaped to fit a joint at each end.’
    • ‘Total body or spinal radiation may compromise spinal growth through a direct effect on the epiphyses.’
    • ‘Two months later an x ray film showed bilateral slipped capital femoral epiphyses of both hips.’
  • 2

    another term for pineal



/ɪˈpɪfɪsɪs/ /ɛˈpɪfɪsɪs/


Mid 17th century modern Latin, from Greek epiphusis, from epi ‘upon, in addition’ + phusis ‘growth’.