Meaning of epistemologist in English:




See epistemology

‘It was sad for epistemologists, Hume and others, to have to acquiesce in the impossibility of strictly deriving the science of the external world from sensory evidence.’
  • ‘This is not quite so straightforward an ‘empirical description’ as naturalistic epistemologists like to think.’
  • ‘Contemporary feminist epistemologists have pointed out how traditional philosophy's emphasis on rational, logical absolutes has devalued the ambiguities of the embodied life.’
  • ‘Like most pre-Cartesian epistemologists (if it makes sense to use that term before Descartes), he is more interested in explaining the process by which we come to have knowledge than he is in justifying knowledge claims.’
  • ‘Nonetheless, many epistemologists argue that fundamental issues concerning skepticism and the nature of epistemic justification cannot be successfully handled by the resources of naturalism.’