Meaning of eponymous in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈpɒnɪməs/

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  • 1(of a person) giving their name to something.

    ‘the eponymous hero of the novel’
    • ‘A hardy few climb to another refuge, Re Alberto I, named after the eponymous king of the Belgians who came here to climb.’
    • ‘We recall Goethe writing The Sorrows of Young Werther, which set off a wave of suicides in Europe in imitation of the eponymous hero.’
    • ‘The fresh tale follows the familiar style of the original - the eponymous hero magically transported from a suburban fancy-dress shop to a new world.’
    • ‘Mirroring the philosophy of the eponymous hero, cast members refused to be taken for granted when the theatre talked of extending their run.’
    • ‘It is highly didactic, and the reader speedily loses interest in whatever the eponymous hero happens to believe at any time.’
    • ‘I, Dreyfus takes the form of its eponymous hero's autobiography, penned while in prison.’
    • ‘Lanchester's second novel follows a day in the life of its eponymous hero.’
    • ‘Early in the action the eponymous hero, a Scottish mercenary soldier, is sentenced to be hanged.’
    • ‘The eponymous hero is played by the blue-eyed Peter O'Toole.’
    • ‘Stetson, her latest novel, is told from the first person voice of its eponymous character.’
    • ‘Like the eponymous hero in The Picture of Dorian Gray, he stands for a new motive for art.’
    • ‘Angela Bettis stars as the eponymous heroine: a young woman who, ostracized by her childhood peers, grows up an introverted, awkward thing.’
    • ‘Set in 1994 Ireland, the movie is based on the real-life events of its eponymous character, an Irish journalist.’
    • ‘Published in 1937 and set in Azerbaijan as the first world war breaks out, the eponymous characters are a Muslim and a Christian.’
    • ‘Seven years on, Leigh has graduated to the role of the eponymous king for Shakespeare in the Park's new staging of the play.’
    • ‘The eponymous heroine is a shy 17-year-old whose mother arranged her marriage at birth.’
    • ‘Lanchester's second novel follows a day in the life of its eponymous hero.’
    • ‘The eponymous hero wanders off for two minutes before his worried mother finds him.’
    • ‘The real surprise was that the eponymous anti-hero isn't the central character.’
    • ‘The Trial of Davros features Terry Molloy as the eponymous anti-hero, here reprising his original TV role.’
    eponymous, identifying
    1. 1.1(of a thing) named after a particular person or group.
      ‘their eponymous debut LP’
      • ‘He has just released his second solo album, the follow-up to his eponymous solo debut of two years ago, and a cracking record it is too.’
      • ‘On the evidence of their eponymous debut album, they don't even have much in common with others in the new wave of bands influenced by post-punk guitar.’
      • ‘The bad news for the British fashion industry was that Stella McCartney would not be showing her debut eponymous collection in London.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, his Canadian counterpart's eponymous debut is widely expected to go double platinum in the UK before the year is out.’
      • ‘In any case, he has been seeing a lot less of his home state in the three years since the release of his band's eponymous major label debut.’
      • ‘Suitably impressed, I went out and bought Roxy's eponymous 1972 debut.’
      • ‘Their eponymous debut album is of a calibre very rarely found in indie music (until this year, seemingly).’
      • ‘It's been five years since their eponymous debut album and the band is now finally ready to unveil its comeback LP.’
      • ‘The band's eponymous debut was recorded in a slapdash fashion.’
      • ‘Between 2001 and 2003, they worked on material for their eponymous debut album.’
      • ‘He was quickly signed to Columbia Records and recorded his eponymous debut album at 19.’
      • ‘Still, all of it would be just about forgivable had their eponymous debut been magnificent.’
      • ‘At least half the songs on this eponymous debut are still considered one hundred percent solid gold classics.’
      • ‘A handful of EPs and a first eponymous album followed in 2003 and 2004 respectively.’
      • ‘He now releases he first eponymous album on newly formed Our Records.’
      • ‘Their first eponymous album was raw and of its time, but still rewards the listener today.’
      • ‘But it's this variation that makes their eponymous debut all the better.’
      • ‘Put yourself in Hiro's hands at his eponymous storefront restaurant.’
      • ‘He now has his own eponymous restaurant at the hotel and has won a Michelin Star.’
      • ‘"Downtown has been starved for something like this, " he says, describing his eponymous restaurant.’