Meaning of epoxide in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈpɒksʌɪd/


  • An organic compound whose molecule contains a three-membered ring involving an oxygen atom and two carbon atoms.

    ‘The process produces such key industrial chemicals as ethylene oxide, the simplest epoxide.’
    • ‘The lipid hydroperoxide thus formed will decompose into alkoxy radicals, aldehydes, alkenes, epoxides and alcohols.’
    • ‘Originally epoxides were named as oxides of alkenes.’
    • ‘They are either reduced by glutathione peroxidases to unreactive fatty acid alcohols or they react with metals to produce epoxides, aldehydes, etc.’
    • ‘It was suggested that the formation of the epoxides was due to the reactivity of singlet oxygen with double bonds.’


1930s from epi-‘in addition’ + oxide.