Meaning of eradicant in English:



See eradicate

‘A significant characteristic of eradicants is their ability to penetrate plant tissues, most being systemic.’
  • ‘Use of Ridomil in this manner (as an eradicant) will probably lead to a rapid buildup of Ridomil-resistant strains of the downy mildew fungus in your vineyard.’
  • ‘Their application at GS31-32 is partly aimed at disease control, (and in Consort and Riband type varieties it is important that a good triazole is included in the spray to give good eradicant activity against Septoria tritici).’
  • ‘Treatments used afterward are eradicants.’
  • ‘Tank mixtures of both protectant and eradicant fungicide may be required where a disease has already started to develop.’