Meaning of erga omnes in English:

erga omnes

Pronunciation /ˌəːɡə ˈɒmneɪz/ /ˌəːɡə ˈɒmniːz/

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  • Against, to, for, or by everyone; with regard to all parties, in respect of all people, states, etc.

    Used especially with reference to the rights and obligations of states and other international persons in relation to the international community as a whole.


  • Valid, binding, or applicable in respect of everyone; owed to or by all people, states, etc.; that confers or imposes a right or obligation erga omnes.


Early 20th century. From post-classical Latin erga omnes towards everyone from classical Latin ergā towards, for, with regard to, respecting (from ergo, after pairs such as ultrā and ultrō) + omnēs, accusative plural of omnis all.