Meaning of erk in English:


Pronunciation /əːk/


informal, dated British
  • A male member of the RAF of the lowest rank.

    • ‘One day you were an erk and the next day you were commissioned.’
    • ‘Ron Swain has never forgotten the years he spent as a conscript in the UK Armed Forces, his two-year stint as an ‘erk’ in the Royal Air Force in 1952-3 having been particularly eventful.’
    • ‘I was showing a new erk round the aircraft.’


  • Expressing panic or dismay.

    ‘Erk! What's that?’
    • ‘I won't even mention the one where he plays a single dad erk!’
    • ‘However, he is an incredibly intelligent (his postgraduate study was in linguistics… erk!) and instantly likeable man who was only too happy to chat with me.’
    • ‘Well, now I'm 25 mature and sophisticated years old and - erk - growing up.’
    • ‘Kershat and Elan are totally new, and I've even got tons of their lives planned out… erk.’


1920s of unknown origin.