Meaning of erroneousness in English:



See erroneous

‘Or do you reject the new data entirely, because the fact that it contradicts the previous timeline is prima facie evidence of its erroneousness?’
  • ‘He believed that prosperity could only be guaranteed if the country retained the imperial connection, and maintained that the Union had failed it because of its misapplication and not because of its inherent erroneousness.’
  • ‘And please don't bother to ‘enlighten’ me of the erroneousness of it all, because I am VERY much aware of it.’
  • ‘Combat practice has on many occasions shown the erroneousness of views downplaying the role of the defense.’
  • ‘The latest war has conclusively shown the erroneousness of this view.’



/ɪˈrəʊnɪəsnəs/ /ɛˈrəʊnɪəsnəs/