Meaning of error-ridden in English:



  • Full of mistakes.

    ‘a gossipy, error-ridden book’
    • ‘My only wish is that our question papers are not error-ridden like the trial exam papers.’
    • ‘After watching dozens of iPhone users hunt and peck their way to error-ridden emails, I dreaded the experience.’
    • ‘A damp pitch following heavy early afternoon rain led to a slippery ball and an error-ridden, if exciting, contest.’
    • ‘The list is error-ridden and lacking full disclosure.’
    • ‘The game was slow and error-ridden.’
    • ‘Intermittent rain showers had left both pitch and ball very greasy but still, one could have expected a less error-ridden match on the resumption.’
    • ‘Library staff have uncovered the contractors' low quality, higher prices and error-ridden products during a trial period.’
    • ‘The idea that they think that it's somehow okay to release an error-ridden disc simply appals me.’
    • ‘According to Grant this version was still "error-ridden" with many of the same errors he had pointed out as a reviewer.’
    • ‘Our overall impression was of a scrappy and error-ridden performance.’
    • ‘How error-ridden are American newspapers?’
    • ‘Despite the error-ridden nature of the performance, the coach maintained it was a good dress rehearsal for the upcoming encounters with Hull, Leeds and St Helens.’
    • ‘Error-ridden handling, misguided decision-making, wayward kicking and basic indiscipline characterised a match whose best moment was the referee's final whistle.’
    • ‘On any scale of magnification, Mandelbrot found, the proportion of error-free transmission to error-ridden transmission remained constant.’
    • ‘Last Saturday he lined out with the Mayo senior team in their error-ridden victory over Limerick.’
    • ‘There has been a history of error-ridden lawmaking relating to those notices.’
    • ‘They always carried with them the promise of something special but they were too error-ridden, too prone to mistakes which cost them momentum.’
    • ‘Their implementation is part of a statewide effort to eliminate the error-ridden punch-card ballots.’
    • ‘Sceptical of the theory of natural selection, he nevertheless preferred Darwin's impressive amassing of scientific evidence to Bovell's error-ridden compilation, especially in light of recent geological theory.’
    • ‘Italy looked stronger for much of an error-ridden contest.’
    shoddy, slapdash, slipshod, scrappy, slovenly, unconsidered, amateurish, negligent, lax, slack, wild, disorganized