Meaning of error-prone in English:



  • Tending to make or cause errors.

    ‘a complex and error-prone process’
    • ‘He should not be surprised that the human beings who run the church are still error-prone - a characteristic of all human beings.’
    • ‘The processes under which election officers and inspectors operate are error-prone and unnecessarily laborious.’
    • ‘He told me that his journey in this field started with his own error-prone absentmindedness.’
    • ‘Even when carefully planned, the combined wiring for racks of servers, disks, and network equipment is ugly and error-prone.’
    • ‘He may have been erratic and error-prone but at least he was prepared to hurl ideas around.’
    • ‘How did they get into such desperate, error-prone straits?’
    • ‘Ensuring that all affected applications have been updated becomes increasingly tedious and error-prone.’
    • ‘Clinicians and administrators must acknowledge that error-prone situations develop because of the complex nature of health care systems.’
    • ‘Will an error-prone human operator install a cartridge in the wrong slot?’
    • ‘This is a time-consuming and error-prone process; in a worst-case scenario, it can lose or misplace data.’
    • ‘The criminal justice system is notoriously error-prone in prosecutions involving child witnesses.’
    • ‘Monotonous, repetitive work tends to be very error-prone.’
    • ‘The samples were often small, the methods error-prone, and skilled investigators scarce.’
    • ‘New electronic voting machines have proven error-prone, and may not be capable of accurate recounts.’
    • ‘His error-prone game began at hole eight, when he sank a bogey.’
    • ‘Although hundreds of studies have demonstrated that eyewitness testimony is error-prone, eyewitness evidence is often the strongest or only evidence used by juries when coming to a verdict.’
    • ‘Means-tested programs are expensive to administer and error-prone.’
    • ‘You are liable to be error-prone when you are in a rush to get something special started.’
    • ‘This additional information makes security audits longer, more error-prone and also occupies a lot of disk space when archived.’
    • ‘The process is both error-prone and time consuming.’
    error-prone, erring, errant, liable to err, prone to err, open to error