Meaning of esky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛski/

nounplural noun eskies

Trademark ; Australian
  • A portable insulated container for keeping food or drink cool.

    ‘Rangers may soon be allowed to search people's bags, picnic baskets, eskies and even drinking bottles in some of Sydney's most popular parks.’
    • ‘To earn money for our family, I would carry an esky on my head full of cool drink and chase the tourists on the beach.’
    • ‘Spend two whole minutes at the park while people pack eskies into cars.’
    • ‘So, bring an esky when you come to pick me up.’
    • ‘When you're planning a camping trip in the outback, as well as taking the swag, the esky, the fishing rod and so on, you probably pack the recovery gear and a tool kit with a prayer you'll never need them.’
    • ‘Ken had a special motorised golf buggy with rain covers, headlights and a built-in esky.’
    • ‘I played host for a while, carrying eskies, etc.’
    • ‘It was a camping trip involving eskies and swags.’
    • ‘In Kmart the other day I saw what to my eyes was an esky, made in Australia, but labeled a cooler.’
    • ‘The moment temperatures rise above 35 degrees and the curdling cry of geckos begins to ring through people's ears, their inhibitions and rational thinking melt away as quickly as the ice in their beer eskies.’
    • ‘Before the coach and support staff are changed and down on the ground ready for warm-ups, he has taken down the team kit, as well as an esky full of bottles of cold water.’
    • ‘Somebody might have had an esky full of liquor out at the football ground.’
    • ‘Our beer comes in stubbies or schooners and goes into our esky which goes into our car.’
    • ‘Whether it's new sleeping bags, or a gas cooker and esky, we have everything you need.’


1960s probably from Eskimo, by association with a cold climate.